The history of the Twin Cities' best jazz club circa 1977-2013.

Quarter Notes: Jazz from the Artists' Quarter

Quarter Notes: Jazz from the Artists' Quarter. Produced by non-profit cable station Saint Paul Neighborhood Network (SPNN), this series of ten hour-long television programs was recorded in 1998 at the Artists' Quarter Jazz Club in downtown St. Paul, MN. Eight episodes are available online for viewing. Find the series website here, find the Youtube playlist here, or you can click on individual episodes below.

Pianist Bobby Peterson
In this episode: Jazz piano virtuoso, Bobby Peterson, a first call musician in the twin cities raises the bar on jazz piano.

Singer Debbie Duncan

In this episode: Debbie Duncan's strong vocals bring both a funky and smooth jazz kick to her performance.

B3 Organist Billy Holloman

In this episode: Billy Holloman knows his craft. He plays the Hammond B-3 Organ, an instrument that can set the mood and move the crowd under his fingertips.

Guitarist Mark Elf
In this episode: Mark Elf is a world renowned jazz guitarist who brings an almost mathematical genius to his intricate style.

Saxophonist Irv Williams
In this episode: Irv Williams is known in the Twin Cities as Mr. Smooth. His velvety interpretations have soothed and amazed audiences for over 80 years.

Departure Point
In this episode: Skillful arrangements and a brass heavy sound..... Departure Point.

Saxophonist Bob Rockwell
In this episode: In this performance, Bob Rockwell demonstrates the power a tenor saxophone has on a jazz stage. His style and technique is unquestionable.

Saxophonists Gary Berg and Dave Karr
In this episode: In the tradition of dueling saxophones, Dave Karr and Gary Berg do battle on the Artists' Quarter stage.

Vocalist Esther Godinez
In this episode: Esther Godinez owns the stage with her strong vocals and mix of moody and fierce latin jazz.