The history of the Twin Cities' best jazz club circa 1977-2013.

Remembering Larry Englund

Larry Englund left us on Saturday February 2, 2019, at the age of 73, after lengthy treatments for stomach cancer. He is survived by Liz, his loving wife of 23 years. (For more information, check out Minnpost, StarTribune, and Pioneer Press articles celebrating Larry's life and legacy.)

Jon Bream of the Minneapolis Star Tribune called Larry "a bit of a character on the Twin Cities music scene." And that he was. A DJ, writer, and fan of music, as well. And a really nice guy, who put up with me not remembering his name for probably the first ten times I met him. He also wrote and published his own obituary, which I am now sharing below, as his website has succumbed to entropy, as all things digital eventually do. -- Al Iverson, May 2020