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Thursday, September 26, Peter Whitman's Xtet (9pm, $8)
Thursday, 26 September 2013
ImageSaxophone maestro Pete Whitman gathers nine of his most talented friends for a monthly Thursday performance at the AQ with dazzling charts and musical telepathy.  Even with ten members performing, you find yourself pondering where all those perfectly-placed, sonorous pearls are coming from.  When you review the roster of first-call pros on stand, you answer your own question.  Their 2002 release Where’s When? received a 4-star salute from Downbeat.  The all-star cast includesJoin Phil Hey (drums),Laura Caviani (piano), Brian Courage (bass), Dave Hagedorn (vibes), Jeff Rinear (trombone), Steve Kenny (trumpet), Adam Meckler (trumpet), Dave Karr (bari sax), Brandon Wozniak (alto sax) and Pete Whitman himself (tenor sax).  This is a smokin' band!

Enjoy V-Lo's tasty $2 tacos tonight!

Thursday Night-Owl Special: 2 for 1 cover and $3 all taps after 11pm

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Monday, 02 March 2015 06:38
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